This is cheap rustic headboards for sale

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This is cheap rustic headboards for sale

Custom Live Edge Headboard

***This posting is for a hand crafted live edge headboard. I can make any size from Twin up to California King.***

*Please don’t purchase this posting, rather message me in the event that you are intrigued and we can work out the points of interest. Costs shift contingent upon the size and the types of the slab.*

*I am situated in San Diego so sending doesn’t have any significant bearing to Southern California inhabitants, we can make sense of a drop off/get. *

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I make custom headboards, extra large headboards, ruler measure headboards, and wooden headboards for a room. There are relatively few carpentry shops making custom headboards like the one presented previously. The bed found in the photograph is a monstrous, pine headboard, with an expound cut scene of the Sierra Mountain ranges. I can likewise make the coordinating wooden footboard and the rails for the bed. Also, I can make the coordinating night stands and other room furniture. Stage beds can be made with coordinating wood headboard. On the off chance that you are looking for a detailed rural headboard for your home or lodge, then please consider Languid Waterway Studio. I completely appreciate making wooden headboards and can cut pretty much any content, outline, or work of art into the custom headboard. To see a greater amount of my cutting, please visit my Etsy page at

cheap rustic headboards for sale

To get a quote for a custom headboard, please message with the accompanying 3 things.

* Estimate: Jumbo headboard, ruler measure headboard, or other. Additionally take note of whatever other dimensional or shape demands.

* LOGO/Workmanship: Craftsmanship or landscape can be cut into your custom headboard. Depict or join connections to pictures.

* Content: Content can be added to your carefully assembled headboard.


– Ruler Or Extra large Headboard, Pine, 4″ x 6″ post legs, 72″ x 18″ space for your cut scene/content, 3″ thick headboard, $2650

Value Updates: Please message for value information for the accompanying overhauls:

– Cedar

– Bigger cutting zone/higher detail

– Coordinating footboard

– Bed Rails

– Glass embed over cut craftsmanship

TIMING: Wooden headboards require 8-12 weeks to create and dispatch under ordinary conditions.

SHIPPING: Please supply your ship to address for transportation assess. Shipping cited independently.

Giving the most detailed and great, wood headboards on Etsy!

Scott Zuziak, Sluggish Waterway Studio

cheap rustic headboards for sale

Hand Cut Ruler Bed – Provincial Deer

This piece is cut out of unpleasant timber and hand painted by one of our in house craftsmen. This piece is an exceptional, one of a kind and delightfully done. We as a whole love something somewhat extraordinary and that nobody else needs to separate ourselves from every other person. Something that shouts out MUST HAVE! This one of those pieces. Magnificently hand made with care, tolerance and time. We do offer different sizes, please email us for valuing.

Much obliged! Have a superbly honored day!

Will fit standard Ruler Estimate Bed – 60″ wide x 80″ long.

Bed Rails are excluded – will fit standard rails acquired from any neighborhood furniture store.

Wood Divider Workmanship – Ruler Headbord – Recovered Wood At

This Posting is for a Worked to Request rendition of a formerly sold piece. Some slight variety in tints and thicknesses is not out of the ordinary, however I will take after the first example as nearly as could be expected under the circumstances. If it’s not too much trouble enable 3 to 4 weeks for development.

Unique Determinations:

cheap rustic headboards for sale

Mosaic produced using pine components joined to the OSB. Each has been cut and painted by hand, so the photo is remarkable and never will have an indistinguishable duplicate.

Width: 162 cm (64 inch)

Tallness: 61 cm (24 inch)

Thickness: 2-5 cm (0,8 inch – 2 inch)

Weight: around 18 kg

Because of its extensive size, mosaic is made of two sections (32 inch x 24 inch each).

Mounting: pendants appended to the back of the picture. Mosaic is completely amassed and prepared to hang.

We can execute each individual request. We can alter the extent of our work, their amount and hues to individual client needs.

We send our items from Poland by means of post 1-3 days after installment (does not have any significant bearing to individual requests). It takes around 4-10 business days for the bundle to be conveyed to its goal (relies on upon nation).

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