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Great to know

At the point when the bed is utilized as a space bed, it is suggested for a long time and more seasoned.

Slatted bed base is incorporated.

The bedding must not be more than a sum of 5⅛” thick all together not to surpass the wellbeing stamping on/by the upper piece of the step.

Use with KURA bed shelter.

To keep away from the danger of genuine harm, the separation between the quaint little inn divider should dependably be under” at least 2½ than 9″.

High quaint little inns upper bed of bunk or space beds are not appropriate for kids under 6 years old because of the danger of damage from falls.

Mind guidelines

Wipe clean with a mellow sudsy arrangement.

Wipe dry with a spotless fabric.

Item depiction

Principle parts: Strong pine, Clear acrylic polish

Bed base braces: Strong pine

Board: Fiberboard, Thwart, Acrylic paint