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At the point when it’s the ideal opportunity for a “major child” bed

At the point when the huge day desires your youngster to move out of their bunk, our kids’ beds are an incredible fit. They arrive in an extensive variety of styles and hues, and some are extendable to stay aware of your developing tyke.


Extendable bed


Item measurements

Min. length: 50 3/8 “

Max. length: 78 “

Width: 42 1/8 “

Headboard tallness: 39 3/8 “

Sleeping pad length: 74 3/4 “

Bedding width: 37 3/4 “

Min. length: 128 cm

Max. length: 198 cm

Width: 107 cm

Headboard stature: 100 cm

Bedding length: 190 cm

Bedding width: 96 cm

This item requires get together

Guidelines and different records

Downloads for this item:

Get together directions


Key components

– Extendable, so it can be hauled out as your youngster develops.

– Strong wood braces offer firm stance bolster.

Fashioner contemplations

“When I planned the BUSUNGE furniture arrangement I contemplated how youngsters utilize their room and identify with the furniture. I have a 4-year-old myself and realize that a youngster’s room is their own region – and their furniture ought to both move play and be sheltered to play with. That is the reason I adjusted every one of the edges and scaled the furniture to a tyke’s size so it is agreeable to utilize and urge them to be autonomous. With tough surfaces and a persisting style, BUSUNGE will keep going for quite a while. I trust you even pass it down to a more youthful sister or sibling – it’s useful for the earth!”

Creator Carl Öjerstam

Bundle estimations and weight

Bundles: 3

Indicate measurements, weight and article numbers

Sleeping pad and bedlinens are sold independently.

Great to know

Bed base included.

To dodge the danger of genuine damage, the separation between the quaint little inn divider should dependably be under” at least 2½ than 9″.

Mind directions

Wipe clean utilizing a sodden fabric and a gentle more clean.

Wipe dry with a perfect fabric.

Item portrayal

Head/footboard: Fiberboard, Particleboard, Honeycomb structure reused paper filling, Fiberboard, Acrylic paint, ABS plastic

Bedside/Watch rail sides: Particleboard, Fiberboard, Acrylic paint, ABS plastic

Tube/Leg: Particleboard, Fiberboard, Thwart

Bed base supports: Strong pine, Strong pine

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IKEA toddler beds brown

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